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Garden & Gun Single Barrel Selection

Garden & Gun Single Barrel Selection

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Garden & Gun Barrel Single Barrel Selection

Behold the 9-year Double Oak, a twice aged Kentucky straight whiskey and celebration of the South. With notes of steeped berries, vanilla beans, and warm baking spices, Garden & Gun’s Single Barrel Selection embodies the region’s welcoming hospitality and sporting lifestyle. More than just a robust libation, this Southern spirit compliments a life well lived.

Garden & Gun is the only magazine dedicated to living a life more engaged with the land, literature, music, arts, traditions and cuisine of the South. At its heart, G&G is about the richness of the South, and how a deep appreciate for its character can enhance life both within the region and beyond. In Garden & Gun's "The Bourbon Issue", Chicken Cock Whiskey will have a full two page advertorial feature in this issue highlighting Garden & Gun’s Single Barrel Double Oak Whiskey.


Barrel Proof

*We're bottling at barrel proof from 2 different proofs: 120.2 and 120. We cannot gurantee which one you'll, just that it'll be great.

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